International Ocean Freight Forwarding
Ocean freight has been a popular mode of transporting goods for a long time. Today, ocean freight is still one of the best overseas shipping solution for shipments which are not under time constraint and weigh more than 200 kilograms. The great quality of ocean freight is the ability to transport a significant amount of goods for the lowest cost; lower than every other kind of freight forwarding methods. At Chiangmai Parcel Service, we are pleased to be offering 2 types of international ocean freight service tofulfil all our customer’s freight requirements.

Full Container Load (FCL)
Suitable for customers wishing to ship a large volume and utilise the entire container for the shipment. FCL is a private hire of the whole container. As such, only your goods are packed in the container, minimising the risk of loss and damage. 

Less Container Load (LCL)

Suitable for shipping a smaller load and if the entire container space is not required. This option is more economical as the container space is shared with other exporters. The customer doesn’t have to commit to hiring the whole container to only use part of the packing space. For your convenience, we can also collect your goods and deliver to the freight port on your behalf, including handling of export documentation and even assisting with all your packaging needs. Regardless of the size of your shipment, you can feel completely at ease with our comprehensive service. We can help you with all your shipping requirements.