Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouse (Fulfillment by Amazon)
This service is aimed to help make things easier for online retailers. It will make your experience selling with more convenient than ever before. With Fulfillment by Amazon, your goods are stored at Amazon’s warehouseand when you make a sale, Amazon will ship the order directly to your customer on your behalf. This process can help speed up the process of fulfilling your customer’s order. It is very convenient and the fast turnaround can ultimately help increase your sales. If you are an online retailer in Chiangmai or nearbynorthern provinces, CPS can help you access this service with ease. Whatever goods you are selling, we are able to help get your shipment to Amazon’s warehouse securely and easily. We can also organise for customs tax and dutyfor the shipment to bepaid at the point of shipping to avoid incurring expenses at destination country. This is called ‘Delivered Duty Paid’or ‘DDP’. You can have confidence that our service is aimed to help you save time and hassle every step of the way.
FBA / Fulfillment By amazon