International Express Parcel Delivery
We provide an express parcel delivery service right to the doorstep. Fast delivery and within your deadline from Chiangmai and nearby northern provinces to worldwide destinations. Real time tracking available. Quick turnaround. Next day delivery for shipments within Asia and only 1 – 5 working days for Europe and USA. Our express delivery service will help you save time and avoid any hassles that can come with international shipping. Our specialist courier insurance is also available to help cover your parcel against loss or damage. You can relax knowing that your parcel will reach its destination quickly, securely, using the most cost effective service for you.

Service Terms & Conditions
1. Service cost includes VAT and airline fuel
2. All parcels are subject to random inspection by customs at destination country. If the shipment incurs import duty, the recipient at destination country is responsible for the payment.Amount of import duty is dependent on each country’s import duty rate.
3. Customers can purchase additional insurance at a cost of 2% of the goods actual value or minimum amount of 482 baht which will provide cover of no more than 22,500 baht.
4. If delivery destination is bordering on a non-service area, a minimum charge of 1,300 baht or 25 baht/kg. will be applied. Details of such destinations can be checked by the town and postal code of the delivery address. 
5. There is an additional charge of 4,000 baht for oversized packages. A package which is larger than 120cm. on any sides is considered as an oversized package. (Per pcs)
6. There is an additional charge of 4,000 baht for a package that exceeds 70kg.(Per pcs)
7. Shipping cost is based on the actual weight and volume weight of a package. The calculation is based on the greater of the two weights. For example, if the volume weight of the package is 20kg.and the actual weight of the package is 22kg. The actual weight of the package (22kg.) will be used for calculation ofthe shipping cost. If the volume weight works out to be 25kg. and the actual weight is 22kg., the volume weight will be used for costing the shipment. Volume weight calculation guide: Package width x length x height (in centimetre) / divided by 5,000 = Volume weight of a package in kilograms.