Shipping Liquid(Non-Hazardous) Overseas
Due to export regulations and carrier restrictions, shipping of liquid substances is tightly controlled and has a complex export process. Many people are facing the problems of exporting such items, resulting in loss of business and opportunities to expand. 

Chiangmai Parcel Service understands this issue many businesses are facing. We are here to helpsimplify the process, enabling you to ship non-hazardous liquid items overseas with ease. You will be able to ship goods such as cosmetic creams, moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners and other health & beauty products globally from Chiangmai and nearby northern provinces. Our specialist delivery service ensures that your products will be delivered quickly and securely to their destinations.

NB. International shipping service for liquid substances does not include any liquids; containing gas, alcohol and all types flammable. Any liquids that may considered to be ‘hazardous’, we may ask for ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’ (MSDS) as an additional supporting document.