Additional Services: Shipping Preparation
To further support our customers, Chiangmai Parcel Service offer additional services to help simplify the 
international shipping process from Chiangmai and nearby northern provinces. We provide comprehensive shipping related services to help you prepare your goods for all types of shipment. 

1. Organise packaging for all types of products

whether that’sa document or a parcel, including packing assistance.

2. Bubble wrap packing

to avoid potential damages during transit.

3. Packing for wooden crates and wooden cases

for large and heavy goods, including fragile items which require extra protection. We also offer custom build wooden crates and cases, complete with fumigation and all associated documents. 

4. Vacuum packing 
for lightweight goods that require large storage area. Vacuum packing removes air from the package which helps to reduce the volume of the contents and package. This will help to save space in packing, storing and shipping. 

5. Prepare necessary export documents
to help you save time in dealing with some complicated steps for international shipping. We can assist you with 
documents such as:
•    Commercial and non-commercial Invoice
•    Packing list
•    Paperless

6. Issue Certificate of Origin
Our services include issuing Certificate of Origin to certifythat the exported products were obtained, produced and manufactured in Thailand. Apart from providing information and reassurance to the buyers, it can also increase credibility for the product owner.