Shipping Blood Serum & DNA Samples Overseas
Chiangmai Parcel Service is an approved courier for overseas shipment of blood serum and DNA samples of humans and animals for lab testing purposes. Currently, international shipping of such biological samples can be a complex and challenging process. Due to strict legislations and costly process, there are only a limited number of service providers who are offering this service.

With our experience and expertise, Chiangmai Parcel Service can assist you with overseas shipping of blood serum and DNA samples from Chiangmai and nearby northern provinces. You can be confident that the process of storing and shipping of the samples are carried out according to medical standards. Our fast and secure service is convenient and ideal if you want to send DNA or blood samples for testing at an overseas laboratory. Perhaps you would like to relocate your pet dog or cat to a country with a strict import policy. Before they can be relocated, you will need to submit your pet’s blood sample for testing and have it certified as clear from rabies at an overseas lab.For example,European countries and Japan require Rabies Antibody Test (UN3373-Category B) to be carried out and certified by the country’s approved lab.We have worked with approved veterinary practices with many such cases and will be able to assist you with the shipping process.